Profile : Ms. Sapna Arora
Ms. Sapna Arora

Computer Science

International Publications

S.No. Publications
1 “Digital Business Innovations” presented in INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DIGITAL ECONOMY: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES(ICDECO-2017), MERI College,Delhi Feb 22-23,2017.
2 “SNR computation of various spatial and frequency domain Transformation” presented in proceeding of International conference on Advanced Computing, communication and networks’11 vol 1 Issue:1 pp 148-152 ISSN:2278-215X.
3 “A novel approach to Notarize Multiple Datasets for Medical Services” published in Imperial Journal Of Interdisciplinary Research(IJIR), Vol-2, Issue-7,2016, ISSN:2454-1362.
4 “Application of fast Fourier transmission on image processing software” presented in International conference on advanced computing & communication technology, jan20-22,2011(acct-11) Vol1, Issue1 ISSN no:2278-215X.
5 “Enhancement of GUI development scenario through XNTM” presented in INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON IT FOR EXCELLENCE(SRIJAN’2010), MAIMT , Jagadhari.

National Publications

S.No. Publications
1 “An Effective Approach towards encryption of limited data” published in IITM Journal of Management & IT, ISSN No 0976-8629 2016
2 “Digital watermarking & frequency domain transformation” published in national conferenece on cyber security-issues & challenges, March 19,2016 (supported by deity &drdo)ISSN: 0976-8629.
3 “Analysis of Bioinformatics intermediate registrar service model to register heterogenous web services” presented and published in proceedings of NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ROLE & APPLICATIONS OF ICT IN INACCESSIBLE AREAS(RAICTIA-10),FEB17-18,2010.
4 “A model driven approach for healthcare system in remote areas using web services” published in NATIONAL CONFERENCE (25-26TH JUNE2010) VAISH COLLEGE, ROHTAK.
5 “Fast Fourier Transformation of Satellite Image” IITM Journal of Management & IT, ISSN No 0976-8629GGSIPU, pp-55-59 Vol-3, Issue-2,July-Dec’12,
6 Contributed a chapter” Analysis& Designing of three tier Web Spidering” in Emerging trends in IT, (2012) Vol-1,pp-137-147,ISBN:978-80752-68-6, Kunal Books ,N.D-2.
7 Has Written a book for Multimedia Technology Subject, B. Tech Course (MDU University) for Modern Publications (MBD Group).