Students Testimonials
Mr. Rahil Akhtar
BCA (2006 - 09)

I am glad that I made the choice to take up Bachelors in Computer Applications (BCA) at IITM. I work in the Advisory/ Consultancy Industry now and from where I stand, applying what I learnt has improved the systems and process flow in my area of work. With that said , it was delightful to study in those classrooms in such a cooperative environment, under the guidance of ever-supporting professors. It indeed was an experience for life !

Mr. Jasmeet Singh
BCA (2006 - 09)

" IITM has provided me with the experiences and exposure that has helped me throughout my career graduation. The faculty members and their teachings have taught me important lessons for life. I had also successfully completed an AMIETE Engineering Degree via, distance learning along with my BCA degree from IITM. Then i got admission into M.Tech (CSE) in GGSIPU, main campus after scoring a good percentile in IIT- GATE national exam. After completing my post graduation I worked at Amity University, Haryana as a lecturer for 2 years. Then I joined JIMS, Rohini as an Assistant Professor and worked there for 2 years and six months. On Jan 2016 I left my job at JIMS and started my own startup by the name "Delhi Developer", a Web - Development & Graphic Design Company. Our company has been doing very well since then has worked on several domestic and off shore projects already. And I can bet that my experiences form IITM still help me today in my work.

Mr. Yed Danish Iqbal
BBA (2009 - 12)

Greetings to all the people of IITM, I have spent the most important phase of my life with its fraternity. Attending classes which were more of a compulsion than will (75% attendance), acting like bandits in canteen and most important, being the CR of the class, all this had made me a better person. So, donts miss out on anything that you will regret because this time and opportunity will never come back again.

Ms. Shalini Delics
BBA (2009 - 12)

Where to start from, IITM is very near to my heart. Entire experience was awesome. Whether its faculty or classmates, all were like a helping hand. Faculty are well versed in their subjects. I have learned a lot. I am really thankful and it has a great contribution to whatever I am today. I wish all the best and a better future to my juniors and respect to the faculty.

Mr. Anuradha Jain
BBA (2011 - 14)

3 years in IITM has brought a chance in my life. I found teachers who taught me like friends, helped me when I was weak, enligtened all in me enough. It was a pleasure to be a part of all the cultural and Co-Curricular activities that were held in campus. It was pleasure to be a part of this college, thats the only reason I am peruing my MBA from same Institute.

Ms. Parul Manchanda
BBA (2009 - 12)

I am very happy to share my feelings with you all for my Alma Mater. It is indeed one of the reasons for the success of my professional life. I mean to say during the 3 year spent at college. I have learnt a lot. Developed my overall personality and was confident enough to face the world. I completely respect the sincerity of my teachers and their mentoring. It actually helped me to choose what I wanted in long run.

Ms. Palak Khurana
MCA (2014 - 17)

The Institute is passionate about grooming young students to be leaders, who are to become both excellent professionals and good human beings by adopting student centric approach. All the Faculties and students share the vision and mission of the institute and are active participants in their implementation. If you want to grow as an individual both personally and professionally, IITM is the true place where you can fulfill it.

Ms. Nidhi Srivastava
MCA (2006 - 09)

I am associated with the college from last eight years and it is a great experience all together. In 2006, I joined IITM in the MCA program, initially I was a bit hesitant and anxious about how things will turn out to be, but later own i just realized that nothing was difficult because of the excellent support of the faculty here who have always helped the students whether it was academia or deciding on the career. And now is the day, when I am on the other side of the table and serving as a faculty at IITM since 2012. The journey has been wonderful; I have always been motivating students, encouraging them to pursue their dreams. It indeed feels great to a part of IITM for all these years.

Mr. Rohit Dubey
BCA (2014 - 17)

Honourable Director Ma’am Dr. Rachita Rana -: Ma’am I would like to say that you have mastered the art of establishing a personal bond with each and every student of this Institute, who according to you, are the real treasures of this Institute. You are well versed in the art of making the students and faculties realise their true protential. This is the reason why you are most popular and revered among the students and teachers community of this Institute.

Ms. Kiran Pundeer
MBA 2015 - 17

IITM is a place that has helped me in grooming myself and what Im now. At the same time the facilities and the extra curricular activities helped me in enhancing my personality.

Ms. Upasana
MBA 2015 - 17

Our college IITM has not just given us a degree but along with it a lot of skills and opportunities. We have received guidance at every step from choosing a career to achieving the goal. We didnt just had an opportunity to learn from workshops and seminars but we also got a chance of conducting a whole fest from idea of events to putting them in action till its success. Our college has prepared us for almost any and everything that comes our way.

Ms. Snigdha Maggo
MBA 2015 - 17

IITM is committed to impart the highest quality of education and exposure to help develop the next generation of business leaders with global outlook and capability of adapting to the fast changing business environment of India and the world at large. By introducing new specialization areas and adopting an innovative pedagogy, the institute has been constantly working to develop professionals with vision, courage and dedication to initiate and manage the change.

Mr. Nitin Chowdhary
MBA 2015 - 17

IITM helped me become a seasoned Sales and Marketing professional capable of keeping up with the requirements of the industry. The practical learning approach and the case study method used during my MBA programme helped me understand the dynamics involved in the management of any business.

Mr. Shubham Tayal
MBA 2015 - 17

The supporting nature of faculties gave me proper guidance and the extra curricular gave me confidence which helped me to stand apart in the crowd.

Mr. Sojo Philip
BCA 2009 - 12

“My experience in IITM has been an endearing one with a lot of high points. Entering this institute I was a shy & introvert kind of a student, coming out of it I am a student full of confidence. This journey won’t end here; IITM has been my 2nd home from graduation & will always remain that way. It will always be the turning block to success in my life”.

Ms. Kriti Grover
BCA 2009 - 12

“My journey with the Institute was very motivating and full of excitement. I want to thank the institution for inculcating in me moral ethics and values apart from the conventional academic competence to make me a better person and to help me compete with other young aspirants.”

Ms. Anjum Tanwar
MBA 2014-2016

Experience at IITM has been extraordinary, right from the day one to the last. All the teachers have been supportive and made us learn beyond the books. Classes have been interactive and the knowledge gained from them cant be gained from anywhere else. We never had any classes with one sided communication from teachers, on the other hand our teachers have always adopted innovative classroom teaching methods. Cultural programs, management development programs and guest lectures also help to develop personality. My overall experience at IITM was unforgettable and made me a better knowledgeable person when I stepped out of it after 2 years.

Mr. Himanshu Matta
MBA 2014-2016

I joined IITM for MBA because it was the best college near my house .To be frank my expectations were low but my experience at IITM exceeded my expectations by far margin. It was an overwhelming experience, from helpful lecturers to knowledgeable industrial visits to fortnightly seminars and conferences, all was quite amazing. Teachers treated us like friends and guided us in building our careers and a sound conceptual base. I am filled with gratitude towards my teachers and IITM staff who helped me in gaining the rightful knowledge and experience to be able to cope up with competitive world.

Ms. Osheen Sahajpal
BCA 2013-2016

Penning down my 3 years with IITM. IITM was not just a college for me. The place, the faculty, the ambience everything together just changed my life for good. When I entered IITM, I was one amongst the most under confident person who thought I was good for nothing. But IITM or I must say the new family of mine enabled me to discover lots of hidden talent and capabilities in me, that I can now stand up and say that it’s because of IITM, that I had the courage to fulfil my dreams. I owe whatever I am today to IITM and will be there when ever IITM needs me and calls me.

Mr. Saurav Bhandari
BCA 2013 – 2016

My journey with IITM started like a normal casual guy but, it was somewhat mystical. I got to choose IITM in my second counselling. I believe, at some point in our life, we do need support of a person who can push us and motivate us, and in IITM, I got couple of such people. Those people were the IITM faculty. I still don’t believe that in those three years, I got teachers who were really supportive, humble, and motivational, our path guidance and friendly. I really want to thank all my mentors for supporting me in my hard times and guiding me from the first day of college to the last, and for the coming entire life as well. Last but not the least the ones who were my second-best part of IITM, my friends. We really had fun together in fiestas, DJs, and even during the lectures, which were the most memorable days of my life. Earlier I used to be a shy and under confident person without a path, but the three years of my life at IITM completely changed me.

Mr. Sukrit Kapoor
BBA 2013 - 2016

This prestigious institution has given me some unforgettable impressions - IITM, an unobtrusive place where life mantras, discussions of everyday importance and an occasional class bunk breathe together, side by side. Each and everything that I have actively taken part in, is now helping me lead my life of discipline, well-built responsibility, commitment, and sincerity. I would like to pay my gratitude to all the professors who have taken out some precious moments from their lives and shared with me in lectures, making me feel better. Your efforts never go unnoticed and it is because of all those lessons, that I am here, a successful entrepreneur and an educational franchisee holder of 5 different ones which are recognized worldwide. My students have won prizes at both, national and international platforms. And all of this has been possible only because of the time and efforts which Ms. Latika Malhotra, Ms. Asha Chauhan, Ms. Anjali Khita, Dr. Gagandeep kaur,Ms. Leena Chopra.

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