Library Collection

There is a collection of more than 38,000 volumes of assorted and exhaustive text/reference books on different areas of IT and Management. The library has in its store 51 Exchange Journals and 37 National and International Journals in print with their back volumes. The library also maintains a good collection of 1461 CDs.


  1. ACM Transaction on Database System
  2. ACM Transaction of Software Engineering and Methodology
  3. International Journal of Information Technology and Web Engineering
  1. Indian Journal of Advance in Software Engineering
  2. Indian Journal of Technical Education
  3. International Journal of Computer Science and Management System
  4. International Journal of Computer Science and System Analysis
  5. International Journal of Information technology and Database System
  6. Journal of Computer Science (Karpagam)
  7. Journal of Digital Information System
  8. Journal of Discrete Mathematics and Cryptography
  9. Journal of Information and Optimization Science
  10. Journal of Software Engineering
  11. Journal of Software Engineering and Technology
  12. SRELS Journal of Information Management
  1. Academy of Management Review, New York, USA
  2. Development Issues, The Hague, Netherlands
  3. Economic Review, Missouri
  4. Harvard Business Review, South Asia
  5. Hitotsubhashi Journal of Economics, Japan
  6. MIT Sloan Management Review, Cambridge, USA
  7. Population Development Review, Malden, USA
  8. Studies in Family Planning, Malden, USA
  1. Decision, IIM, Calcutta
  2. Economic and Political Weekly
  3. Foreign Trade Review, IIFT, Delhi
  4. IIMB Management Review, IIM, Bangalore
  5. Indian Journal of Marketing
  6. Indian Management, AIMA Delhi
  7. Journal of Entrepreneurship Development, EDII, Gujarat
  8. Journal of Management Research, FMS, University of Delhi
  9. Management Accounting
  10. Metamorphosis: A Journal of Management Research, IIM, Lucknow
  11. Vikalpa: The Journal of Decision Makers, IIM, Ahmadabad
  12. Vision: The journal of Business Perspective, MDI, Gurgaon
  13. University News
  1. Review of professional management (NDIM) New Delhi
  2. MERI-Journal of management & IT (Management Education Research Institute, New Delhi)
  3. MAIMS journal of management & IT (Maharaja Agarsen Institue of Management Studies, Rohini)
  4. ASBM journal of management (Bhubneshwar) Asian School of Business
  5. Trinity journal of management, N. Delhi
  6. The journal of Indian management & strategy (JIMS), N. Delhi
  7. DIAS technology review, N. Delhi
  8. Effulgence - management journal of RDIAS, N. Delhi
  9. Technia journal of management studies, N. Delhi
  10. National journal of system & information technology (Surat) Institue of Management & Computer Application
  11. National journal of research in management (Surat) Institue of Management & Computer Application
  12. Journal of practicing managers (Banarsidas), N. Delhi
  13. NICE journal of business (Meerut) School of Business Studies
  14. Journal of IMS group - achieving excellence in management & IT (Ghaziabad)
  15. SCMS journal of Indian management (Cochin) School of Communication & Management Studies
  16. Journal of management & information technology (Guru Nanak Institute of Management), N. Delhi
  17. Pravara management review (Pune) Pravara Centre for Management Research
  18. Researcher's voice (Kasturi Ram College of Hogher Education: Narela)
  19. Journal of global information & business strategy (Gitaratan International Business School, N. delhi)
  20. CPJ global review (Chandraprabhu Jain College of Higher Education), N. Delhi
  21. Journal of institute of professional excellence & management (Ghaziabad)
  22. IMED-JMSR Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship (Bharti Vidyapeeth University, Pune)
  23. Journal of business thought (Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce) New Delhi
  24. Prerana - Journal of Management Thought & Practice (GRG School of Management Studies Coimbatore)
  25. Viewpoint : an internatonal journal of management & IT (Teerthankar Mahaveer University: Moradabad)
  26. IMR - Management speak - Kanpur (Gaur Institute of Management & Research)
  27. Indira management review - Pune (Indira Group of Institutions)
  28. ITMnAch - Journal of Institute for Technology & Management (Chennai) Institute of Technology & Management
  29. EMPI research & business review (Chhatarpur) EMPI Business School, N. Delhi
  30. Vidwat - The Indian journal of management (Hyderabad) Dhurva College of Management, N. Delhi
  31. Amity Management analyst (Gurgaon) Amity University
  32. Army Institute of management Journal (Noida)
  33. Journal of Centre for Contemporary Management Research (Tiruchirappalli T.N.)
  34. Siddhant: A journal of decision makers (Bhubneshwar) Regional College of Management
  35. LBS Journal of Management & Research (New Delhi)
  36. DCAS Journal of Management & IT Application (Delhi College of Adv. Studies, Vikas puri)N. Delhi
  37. Managalmay Journal of Management & Technology (G. Noida) Mangalmay Institute of Management & Technology
  38. Ideal Journal of Management & IT (Ideal Institute of Management & Technology, New Delhi)
  39. KAIM Journal of Management & Research (Kaider Nath Aggarwal Institute of Management, Bhivani, Haryana)
  40. TATVA-Journal of the Institue of Management & Education (Belgaon, Karnatka)
  41. SHODH- Pioneer Journal of Information Technology & Management (Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore)
  42. Educator- Journal of Fairfeild Institute of Management & Technology, New Delhi
  43. Aaroha Journal of Education & Management (Sant Haridas College of Education) N. Delhi
  44. Cyber Times- Internation Journal of Technology & Management (Janak puri) N. Delhi
  45. Gyan Management- An International Journal of Management & Technology (Mohali, Chandigarh) Gyan Jyoti Institute of Management & Technology
  46. Vimarsh- An Endeavour to share knowledge, School of Business Management (Moradabad)
  47. MAIMT Journal of Management & IT (Maharaja Agarsen Institute of Management & Technology, Jagadhari)
  48. Prof. M.N. Hoda, Editor/ Dircetor, BVICAM Journal, Bharti Vidyapeeth Institue of Computer Application, New Delhi - 3
  49. BVIMR Management Edge, Bharti Vidyapeeth Institute of Management & Research, New Delhi
  50. Lingaya's Lalita Devi Journal of Professional Studies (Lingaya's Lalita Devi Institute of Management Sciences) N. Delhi
  51. Pragya Journal of Management (Modi Institute of Tech. & Science, Sikar Rajasthan)
  52. IMS Manthan -The Journal of Innovation (Institute of Management Studies, Noida)
  53. Sanchayan - Prestige International Journal of Managemet & IT (Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior)
  54. MIMT Journal of IT & Management - Kota (Modi Institute of Management & Technology )
  55. Sankalap - Journal of Education, IT & Management Research (Kamal Institute of Higher Education & Advanced Technology, Mohan Garden, New Delhi)
  56. Kalka Journal of Education & Technology (Kalka Institute for Research & Advanced studies, New Delhi)


Information Technology
  1. Digital Learning
  2. Digit
  3. PC Quest
  4. CSI Communication
  1. Business Today
  2. Business World
  3. India Today
  4. Education World
  5. Yuva Bharti
  6. Yog Mangari
  7. Divya Jyoti
  8. Creation
  9. Competition Success Review
  10. EDU Tech
  11. Akshay urja
  12. Dias Times
  13. India China Chronicle
  14. Vedanta Kesari
  15. Organizer
  16. Span
  17. Nuclear India
  18. Coordinates
  19. Arunima
  20. U-Focus
  21. Pragya
  22. Jigyasa


  1. WEB OPAC through DELNET Union Catalogue
National Digital Library of India
  1. National Digital Library of India
E-Research Platform
  1. E-Research Platform
Sage Journals
  1. Journal of Entrepreneurship
  2. Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective
  3. Foreign Trade Review
  4. Vikalpa: The Journal of Decision Making
  5. Metamorphosis: A Journal of Management Research
Annual Reports
  1. African Development Bank
  2. African Institute of South Africa
  3. Association of Indian Universities
  4. Department of Atomic Energy
  5. Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture
  6. Department of Agriculture Research and Education, Ministry of Agriculture
  7. Department of Chemicals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers
  8. Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  9. Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  10. Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology
  11. Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology
  12. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
  13. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  14. Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
  15. Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
  16. Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
  17. Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  18. Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
  19. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
  20. ITC Limited
  21. Indian Institute of Management, Indore
  22. Institute of Economic Growth
  23. International Institute for Population Sciences
  24. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.
  25. Ministry of Civil Aviation
  26. Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  27. Ministry of External Affairs
  28. Ministry of Finance
  29. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  30. Ministry of Home Affairs
  31. Ministry of Human Resource Development
  32. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
  33. Ministry of Labor and Employment
  34. Ministry of Rural Development
  35. Ministry of Tribal Affairs
  36. Ministry of Urban Development
  37. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports
  38. National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)
  39. National Foundation of India
  40. National Institute of Science Technology and Developmental Studies (NISTADS)
  41. Nucleus Software Exports Limited
  42. Reserve Bank of India
  43. Ministry of Civil Aviation
  44. PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  45. Rajiv Gandhi Foundation?
  46. Reserve Bank of India
  47. Tata Power Ltd.x
  48. The World Bank
  49. United Nation Development Programme (UNDP)
  50. United Nation University-World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER)
  51. University Grants Commission
  52. Zenith Computers Ltd.